PURPLE LEAF Double Top Square Outdoor LED Umbrellas

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Size: 9' X 9'
Color: Navy Blue
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    • 【Attention】Weighted base in the picture is NOT included.
    •   we send beige umbrella cover for free , no matter what color umbrella you purchase.
    • 【Suggestion】For 9' X 9' ,10' X 10' recommend Base ZYCABASE-1, 11' X 11' square umbrella,recommend Base ZYCACJBASE-150NEW
    • 【Double Top Design】LED square cantilever patio umbrella, double-top canopy design, ventilation and heat dissipation, the umbrella is more stable, for commercial and residential use.
      【360 Degree Rotation】Unique handle design and crank System, 6 heights and angles to choose from, 360-degree rotation for easier shading area control, keeping you protected throughout the day.
      【UV Protection Fabric】High quality 240/gsm, Polyester fabric, UV resistant, water-repellent and colorfast.
      【Strudy Aluminum Frame】All-aluminum umbrella bones and 8 HEAVY-DUTY RIBS with LED LIGHT TUBES, anti-oxidation spray painted, maintain a long period of life.
      【Warranty】3 years for the fabric, 1 year for the components

Product detail

Lighted Outdoor Umbrellas at Night
Fabric UV Protect Heavy-Duty Rib Crank Handle Aluminum Pole

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Our outdoor umbrellas are suitable for back yard

Back Yard

Enjoy serene afternoons under the comfort of our durable outdoor umbrella, perfect for your backyard retreat.

Our outdoor umbrellas are suitable for party


Elevate your outdoor gatherings with our stylish umbrellas, ensuring your guests stay cool and comfortable.

Our outdoor umbrellas are suitable for jacuzzi


Relax in your jacuzzi with added privacy and shade, courtesy of our elegant and adjustable outdoor umbrellas.

Our outdoor umbrellas are suitable for seafront


Transform your seafront space into a sun-safe haven with our robust and wind-resistant umbrellas.

Our outdoor umbrellas are suitable for shop


Enhance your storefront appeal with our chic and inviting umbrellas, perfect for outdoor displays and customer comfort.

Our outdoor umbrellas are suitable for pool


Make poolside lounging a luxurious affair with our weather-resistant umbrellas, providing shade and style.

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AAll of our double-top large cantilever umbrellas come with a free umbrella cover. No matter what color umbrella you purchased, a free beige umbrella cover is included.

AWe offer outdoor patio umbrellas in different sizes and shapes, most of them come in a variety of different sizes and colors, some of them come in as many as 7 colors and 5 sizes; round, square and rectangular shapes of patio umbrella are available for you to choose from. You need to measure the size of the area you want to install first, choose the ideal size of the umbrella, and put it in the area you are going to set, for example, you can put it on the patio, balcony, poolside, backyard and other outdoor recreation areas.

AIf you are not sure about the size of the base you need to match after purchasing the umbrella, you can click on the link of the outdoor parasol you have purchased before, and the description in the detail page has the link of the base that is compatible with the umbrella you have purchased; If you still can't be sure about the size of the base you need, you can directly consult the customer service, and we will reply to you as fast as we can.

AThe wind rating of our double-top umbrellas is about 30mph when they are in fully open status. And it is 25mph of our single-top umbrellas when they are in fully open status. But we suggest you close the umbrellas when the wind is coming or unattended. Because sometimes there are some gusts over 30mph/25mph that may blow over the umbrellas easily.

AWith our excellent after-sales service, you can buy with confidence! For the bases, the warranty is a 1-year limited warranty; For the umbrellas, we offer a 1-year limited warranty on frames and components, a 3-year limited warranty on canopy fabrics and a 1-year limited warranty on umbrella protective covers.

AThe package sent by PURPLE LEAF will contain detailed instructions on how to install the patio umbrella and the accessories used. Follow the instructions and you will be able to install it easily.

AThe first time for cleaning the umbrella canopy fabric, it is best to use cold water, add a small amount of salt, drip some sterilizing wash like Dew, if you want to use laundry detergent, it is recommended to add only a small amount of laundry detergent, so as to reduce the appearance of the phenomenon of loss of color. The temperature of the cleaning water is best not to be too high in the future, the water temperature is best at 15℃/59℉ or less, in order to protect the umbrella canopy fabric.

AAll of our patio umbrellas have a 360° rotatable feature and 5 height adjustable gears that can easily handle direct sunlight.

APURPLE LEAF outdoor umbrellas are available in two models: large double-top cantilever umbrellas and single-top cantilever umbrellas.

AWe suggest you fill the base with 50% sand and the rest with water, or it cannot provide enough weight to support the umbrella.

AOur in-ground base is compatible with all our umbrellas.

AFor any inquiries or support, email us at "purpleleafservice2@gmail.com". Our team is ready to assist you promptly.