Purpleleaf Outdoor Umbrella’s Type

There are five types of purple leaf umbrellas: Classic, Wood Pattern, Solar LED, Sunbrella, Economical

So what is our classification basis?

First and foremost, single tops and double tops are big differences.


The single-top is Economical, and its columns are all gray. The single canopy also includes classic and led umbrellas

The double top includes Classic, Wood Pattern, Solar LED, Sunbrella.

Advantages of double top: 2-tier vents allow for full airflow and heat dissipation. Hot air or wind will flow through the multiple vents quickly, making your market umbrella more stable against windy conditions and a cooler underneath.


Classic is the most basic version of our double canopy. Classics never go out of style, so this is also a very popular umbrella. The silver-gray pillars are matched with umbrella fabrics of various colors, which can match your various styles of balconies.


The biggest difference between Wood Pattern and Classic lies in the style of the pillars. Although they are all made of aluminum, the Wood Pattern pillars add an original flavor, which is suitable for a terrace built with wood or a patio with slightly retro decoration.


Solar LED is based on Classic, adding LED lights on each umbrella rib, and equipped with switches. Turning on the LED lights at night, watching TV, eating snacks, and chatting with the family under the umbrella, this is really a very loving scene.


The biggest difference between the Sunbrella umbrella and the Classic umbrella, is the Sunbrella fabric used, while other umbrellas use Polyester fabric. In contrast, Sunbrella umbrellas can better provide sun protection by blocking harmful UV radiation, reducing the risk of skin damage and sunburn. If you are interested in the fabric If you are interested, you can go to my last blog: What Is The Best Fabric For the Outdoor Umbrella


Whether it is a single-top or double-top umbrella, our umbrella shapes include round, square, and rectangular to suit personal preferences and fashion trends. At the same time, the umbrellas can be rotated and tilted and can be adjusted according to the position of the sun to provide you with better sun protection.


I hope you can choose a suitable umbrella in Purpleleaf.

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